The maternity coverage has 12 months waiting period. This means that the delivery should be 12 months after the policy effective date.

For example if your policy effective date in 1/1/2017m then the delivery should be after 1/1/2018 for the company to provide coverage.

For a coverage to be most effective & to provide best coverage to the mother, we recommend the following:

  • A- You should get pregnant 5 or 6 months after the policy effective date
  • B- You have 90 day coverage in your country to provide prenatal care.
  • C- During this 6 months you have to arrange for Visa & place to stay in US.
  • D- When you arrive to USA, you have 3 month until the delivery time. This will give you time to visit the doctor in US, arrange for hospital that you like to use. Provide professional help in case of complication before & after delivery, if any
  • E- After delivery the baby is covered automatically.

The above recommendations are suggestions and has no bearing on the coverage provided. In addition, the above suggestions is just for your use and it should not followed in you do not agree or feel comfortable with it.